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The two first years of all sky camera EN-98

EN-98 FireballsPosted by Koen Miskotte Mon, September 08, 2014 12:32:10

On March 15, 2014 it was exactly two years ago since I started again with all sky work. In the period of 1988-1996 I also operated an all-sky camera. This was a Canon T70 with commando back and a Sigma FD 16mm diagonal fish eye lens, which was later replaced by a Canon FD 15mm F2.8 fish eye lens.
Today I put two excel files online with an overview of when the all sky camera was active, what is photographed and for each photographed fireball I made a sheet with picture and associated data. The two files can be downloaded here:

March 16, 2012 until March 15, 2013

March 16, 2013 until March 15, 2014

Picture 1: a Geminid fireball of magnitude -6 on december 14, 1994 at 02:20:38 UT. It was captured with my "old" all-sky camera, a Canon T70 with a Canon FD 15 mm F 2.8 lens (film: Tri-X). I observed this fireball also visually.

Picture 2: Another Geminid fireball of magnitude -4, captured with my "old" all sky camera. Date: december 14, 1994 at 04:07:10 UT.

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