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Fireballs in Namibia

MeteorsPosted by Koen Miskotte Mon, December 19, 2011 11:10:55

Today I made a composition of three all sky picture with 2 Capricornid fireballs and 1 Southern Delta Aquariid.

Picture: Composition of two Capricornids (a -4 CAP near Antares and a -5 CAP in Centaurus) and one -2 Southern Delta Aquariid in Aquarius/Capricornus region.

Mount: AstroTrac Travel Mount with head EH 3010
Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Lens: Sigma 4.5mm F2.8 EX DC Circular Fisheye HSM lens
Filter: None
Accessories: TC 80N3 timer controller,
Location: Hakos Guestfarm, Namibia (16.3 east, 23.3 south)
Software: Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X12)
Description: One single shot of 57 seconds, F 3.2, 1600 iso

Click on the image for a larger version.

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